【Taiwan NOW Official Website Launching】

The Culture Taiwan Foundation is pleased to launch the official website Taiwan NOW, a transnational cooperation and exchange project with art at its core between Taiwan and Japan.

When the pandemic swept across the globe, Taiwan NOW has not been stopped but has continued to evolve and transform. Through cyber-physical integration, multi-location simultaneous performances, and “releasing the source code”, Taiwan NOW is slated to open in the coming October and takes place in Marunouchi in Tokyo, Weiwuying in Kaohsiung, and Virtual Venue, where visitors can experience the program that blends design, visual arts and performing arts on site and on line!

We hope you enjoy Taiwan NOW!

Supported by Ministry of Culture
Organized by The Culture Taiwan Foundation
Co-organized by Asia Now Executive Committee (represented by Culture Vision Japan)


For more information, please visit Taiwan NOW Official Website: www.taiwannow.org
Facebook @ TaiwanNOWPR
Instagram @ taiwan_now_pr
Twitter @ taiwan_now_pr