Introduction: The Cultural Taiwan Foundation

The Cultural Taiwan Foundation (TCTF) is a foundation of cultural affairs organized and established based on the Foundation Acts, Civil Code, and other relevant laws and regulations.

On December 15th, 1997, under the premise of promulgating the Taiwanese humanistic values, consolidating cultural consensus, and promoting the internationalization of Taiwan’s diversified cultures, the former “Cultural Foundation of the Province of Taiwan” was established based on the funding and assistance of the “Ministry of Culture of Taiwan Province Government” with the aim to implement Taiwan’s cultural construction, promote the development of cultural diversification, and enrich cultural connotations. In line with the reform of government organization, the competent authority of the Foundation was changed to the Council for Cultural Affairs of the Executive Yuan and then the Ministry of Culture; TCTF has changed to its current name since 2013.

For several years, we have played different roles, such as the advocate of cultural issues, the integrator of cultural resources, and the implementer of policies. Our actions include:

  • To encourage our citizens to learn, respect, and be inclusive of Taiwan’s diversified cultures, from individuals to families and the entire society, reaching the goals of ethnic and social harmony, and the protection of culture, nature, and environment.
  • To strive for the improvement of humanistic education and artistic cultivation among the citizens, hoping to achieve a higher degree of cultural self-confidence and creativity.
  • To promote cultural exchanges by introducing Taiwan’s diversified cultures to the world in a proactive way. Through the connections with the global culture and by becoming a key part of the international culture, this linkage is expanded with the aim to form a cultural communication platform for global Chinese speakers.

TCTF’s long-term goal is to become an internationalized foundation, pushing Taiwan’s diversified and colorful cultures into the world’s stage.