Current Directors and Supervisors

Members of The 8th Board of Directors (sort by character strokes)

TitleNameCurrent job position
Honorary ChairmanHung Meng-chiDistinguished Professor, Yokohama College of Art and Design
ChairmanHsiao Tsung-huangDeputy Minister of Culture
DirectorZhu Wen-qingDirector, The Cultural Taiwan Foundation
DirectorLin Hsin-yuehSenior painter and art critic
DirectorLin Shu-chengAdjunct Professor, Graduate Institute of Performing Arts and the Department of Music, National Taiwan Normal University
DirectorLin Chiu-fan Director and Professor, Graduate Institute of Museum Studies, Fu Jen Catholic University
DirectorChiu Chun-chiang Music Director, Taipei Philharmonic Opera Studio
DirectorSun PingDirector, The Cultural Taiwan Foundation
DirectorKeng Yi-weiDramaturg, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts-Weiwuying
DirectorChang Chiun-HuiDirector, The Cultural Taiwan Foundation
DirectorChang, Yu-xinChairman, Hualien Transportation Bus Co. Ltd.
DirectorZhuang, Bo-heDirector, China Educational and. Cultural Exchange Association
DirectorZheng Rong-xingProfessor, National Taiwan College of Performing Arts
DirectorLai Cheryl Former Director, Cultural Division, Taipei Representative Office in the UK
DirectorHsieh Pei-ni Beatrice President, AICA Taiwan
DirectorSu, Shuo-binDirector, National Museum of Taiwan Literature

The 5th Board of Supervisors (sort by character strokes)

TitleNameCurrent job position
Standing SupervisorXiao Rui-dongExecutive director and Honorary Chairman, Minnan Culture Care Association
SupervisorShen, Chih-SunOwner and Chief Architect, Shen Chih Sun Architects
SupervisorKuo DennyChairman, Deloitte & Touche
SupervisorKuo Li-jenProfessor, Graduate Institute of Culture and Education Law, National Taipei University of Education
SupervisorChen Chao-chenProfessor and Dean of Academic Affairs, Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies, National Taiwan Normal University